Saturday 14 December 2013

Spreading #RAG123

UPDATED Feb 2014 - presentation updated for delivery to Teachmeet Solihull, including more recent feedback from people trying it and an "FAQ" section...

The original form of this presentation was created for sharing at Teachmeet Oxford in December 2013. I never actually delivered it due to an Ofsted inspection that happened at my school which meant I couldn't attend the Teachmeet.

I've now updated the presentation, which also includes the positive Ofsted feedback on the RAG123 approach to marking.

Find the powerpoint slideshow here

My original & most recent posts on RAG123 can be found here, and here

If you try or share RAG123 please let me know how it goes, positive or negative - comment here, send me a tweet @ListerKev or use the #RAG123 hashtag.

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